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The Most Significant Breakthrough For The Game of Golf And the Golf Swing Since Ben Hogan Wrote His Five Lessons.

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Golf Biomechanic, Coach, and Mental Game Specialist currently teaching golfers across 40 countries how to keep their golf swing working consistently on the golf course.

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Does Your Golf Swing Let You Down
On The Golf Course?

Why your golf swing just disappears, and how to keep it working instead...

Start playing more consistently in the next 15 minutes.

Every day, golfers around the world stand on driving ranges hitting ball after ball in desperation, because their golf swing suddenly disappeared on the golf course... and have no idea what happened or why...

If you've played golf very long, you've been there at one time or another... knowing it could strike again at any time.

But your golf game doesn't have to be a victim of your
golf swing ups and downs...

Because over 20 years of research has finally revealed how to make sure your best golf swing is with you every time you step onto the golf course...

Not just a theory or an idea, but a tested and proven method to improve your consistency on the golf course by leaps and bounds.

And I'm going to show you right here how to cure inconsistency on the golf course.

Hi, my name is Tracy Reed and 25 years ago, I was a frustrated, average, mid-handicap golfer. I was trying to improve my game so I could compete with better players. But I was frustrated because no matter what I tried, I just couldn't get through a round of golf without "blowing up."

After over 20 years of research, working with over 7000 golfers in 40 countries, I'm now a Golf Biomechanic and Mental Coach.

I DID find the answers to super-consistency on the golf course and I never forgot the aggravation that drove me to to find them, so I'm sharing this rare information with you today so you can start playing more consistently tomorrow.

I'll never forget the frustrations that drove me to find answers that get permanent results.

What you are about to read just isn't taught anywhere else (Why?.. I can't explain.), but my research has uncovered and proven that this is the real foundation golfers need to play well, consistently.

This is all of the information I go through with every new student (even professional golfers) before they ever hit the first golf ball for me, because if they either don't get it, or don't believe it, I know I can't help them. Let me know how it works for you.

Let's start with something to think about...

Working on Your Golf Swing?

When you're playing well, and out of nowhere, your game derails, you can't help but wonder if it's something you're doing wrong... Believe me, it isn't your fault.

But how many times have you hit a second shot on the golf course right after a bad shot and hit it perfectly? After which you asked that question in the back of your mind...

"Why can't I hit every shot like that?"

And there IS a good answer...

Because no other instructor or coach teaches how to keep your golf swing working once you're on the golf course!

The idea has never even been considered! Until now.

So, before you decide to revamp your whole golf swing...

Ask yourself...

Do you really want to go through the drawn out process of learning a new golf swing again?

If you have ever hit a "perfect" shot, your golf swing works fine... Right? Ahh, but you say it doesn't work all of the time... Especially when you really need it.

Isn't that just consistency? If so, there's a much faster and easier way to fix it right here.

Many golfers try new golf swings because they want a simpler golf swing. But, like it or not, even the simplest golf swing has too many moving parts to maintain control of at the same time using traditional methods. Learning a new golf swing just prolongs the time until you finally realize the swing isn't the problem.

I've gone through every step you're taking now, and I'd rather help you now than see you suffer further as I did.

So before we start improving your consistency, there are 4 secrets you need to understand to make this work...

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The first secret...

When you drive a car, you steer, accelerate, and brake to slow down. Have you ever thought about the similarities to hitting a golf ball? They are actually opposites.

The steering wheel, the brake pedal, and the gas pedal are classified as CONTROLS because they are used to control the car. Without them, you would run into other cars and crash.

What controls do you have for your golf swing? What tools do you have to prevent a bad swing and the resulting bad shot(crash)?

If hitting a golf ball was really like driving a car, you would have controls you could use to manage the outcome of the shot to keep it out of the lake... But does anyone teach control of the golf swing movement?

Are there any controls that can be used to control the golf swing?

Up until a few years ago, the answer to that question was "no"... But since nobody ever asked the question, nobody ever looked for ways to control the golf swing. So the only answer was either hit balls until your hands bleed, or try a "simpler" golf swing. If you've played golf for more than a few years, you know neither of these solutions has permanent results.

But just like driving a car, there ARE controls you can use to control driving a golf ball. And these controls work for just about ANY type of golf swing you might have now.

The second secret...

Your control mechanisms are already being used within your own body 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let me demonstrate...

Have you ever tripped while walking? What happened next?

You probably threw out your arms or legs or moved in some way to remain on your feet... Did you think about it first, or did it just happen?

So, if you didn't think about it, HOW did it happen and more importantly...

What process took CONTROL over your muscles?

Here's what happens when you trip and you automatically start gyrating around to stay on your feet...

As you walk, or perform ANY movement, you brain constantly monitors what is happening through special receptors all over your body. The idea is to protect you from harm.

When you trip, special receptors in the bottoms of your feet tell your brain that you are out of balance.

Next, the brain kicks into action, takes control of whatever muscles are needed and attempts to rebalance you.

This all happens in the subconscious mind, behind the scenes...

This process is important to understand because it is the process you can use to control your golf swing movement and play better, more consistent golf!

Let me demonstrate with a little exercise for you...

Take a walk and as you make each step, pinpoint just where the majority of the weight is felt at different times during each step. When your foot lands, is the weight in the middle of the heel or to one side? As your foot rolls across the floor, does the weight move along the outside edge, or does it shift to the ball of the foot behind the big toe? When you push off, where is the majority of the weight?

Each foot will be different. Do not look at your feet. Look straight ahead. Take your time and then describe in detail to yourself how the weight distributes itself under each foot as you walk.

If you do this exercise properly, as you walk, you will begin to see an image of the bottoms of your feet. This is very important, so if you didn't see the image, keep doing this until you do.

How do I know you'll see an image?

Because that is how the subconscious mind controls your body movement. The image you saw in your mind's eye is the bio-feedback that your body uses to check its movement. Your mind creates an image based on that feedback and your body follows it... PROVIDED you are moving in balance.

The purpose of this exercise is merely to show you that if you ask to see it, you CAN see the images that your subconscious mind uses to control body movement. And yes, there's more...

OK, I see my feet... So what?

You are already half way there! Time for a follow up exercise to show you the power of what just happened.

Exercise #2:

Take a walk again while feeling the bottoms of your feet. This time, I want you to correct your movement. With each foot, land on the center of the heel, move the weight to the ball of the foot, and push off with the center of the front of the foot. AGAIN do not look down, but rather straight ahead.

Secret #3:

If you were able to perform the walk correction exercise, you performed a very powerful feat that you will be able to transfer to your golf swing for better control.

Now, I'll explain all of the processes you performed... Without really thinking about them...

By telling you how I wanted you to walk, I gave you an intention.

Your conscious mind then took that intention and pulled up the picture you saw from the original walking exercise.

Next, your conscious CORRECTED the picture to match your new intent.

Lastly, the conscious mind passed the picture to the subconscious mind, which carried out the order from the conscious mind.

The result? You were able to correct your movement with a visual intent that was then checked and verified by your body's bio-feedback system. The same method you can use to create control without restrictions for your golf swing.

In more simple terms, you were able to correct and control your body movement by increasing your awareness of your body's bio-feedback... And you can do the same thing for your golf swing.

Before we move onto your golf swing, there is one rule you CANNOT break if you want this to work...

Secret #4...

It is the rule of Dynamic Balance

This rule is the biggest reason for 90% of the frustrations that most golfers endure on the golf course.

The Rule: If you start movement from an unbalanced position, your brain will do WHATEVER it has to to get you back in balance while you are moving... INCLUDING sacrificing your golf swing if it must. You Don't Have A Choice Here. If you wish to make a consistent golf swing you MUST BE IN BALANCE before you start your backswing.

Here's the good news: If you start your golf swing from a properly balanced position (stance), your brain will work to keep you in balance and virtually assure that you hit the shot center-face on the golf club.

Can you see how important starting from a properly balanced setup is?

So how do you know what proper balance is?

Proper balance is NOT just being centered on your feet. True balance is when all of the opposing muscle groups in the body are working evenly with each other. For example, your quadriceps and hamstrings must work equally at setup or else, even if you are balanced on your feet, your body is still out of balance. Often golfers have a tendency to reach for the ball at address. Even though they may be centered on their feet, their back muscles and hamstrings are working too hard to keep that position, so there is an imbalance situation.

It took me over 10 years to successfully develop a setup routine that properly balances the body and automatically creates the proper angles for your most powerful golf swing.

I threw out any unnecessary steps already, so every detail is important. I have included the setup routine in a set of free newsletters that will get you started using all of the secrets I have discussed today.

All you need to do is sign up for the newsletters and you will be sent a link to the original lessons on golf swing control plus a few follow-up emails to make sure you are on the right track. I never sell or give away private information or email addresses, so your information is safe with me.

How to get started today using golf swing movement control to become more consistent...

Simply fill in your email and first name and I will send you five lessons free that will show you how to finally solve the swing consistency issues that have been holding back your golf game.

When you get the lessons, start by working only on the setup routine.

Make sure you pay attention to every detail and the results will surprise you.

If you don't see the email in a few minutes, check your spam files. If it is there, you'll want to white list me email to make sure you don't miss future emails.

Don't forget to save my email address when you get your first email so you can stay in touch or ask questions.